Why choose Ecoway?

ECOWAY® is exclusively reserved for the cleaning and maintenance of
industries and communities:
Hospitals, nurseries, medical and service industries, food processing industries, public places, etc.

The most complete range
without risk labeling on the market



Kitchens and food processing industry


Floor and multi-purpose

Waste water

The Ecoway® Pact

Specifically developed for a total respect
of mankind and the environment,
ECOWAY® is based on the pact "efficiency, safety, protection".




Biotechnology at your service

The products are developed through proprietary biotechnological
proprietary biotechnological processes.

They contain biosurfactants - surfactants
of biotechnological origin - and microorganisms
selected for their properties
of digestion of organic matter.

Your benefits

Efficiency benefit

Biosurfactants are up to 300 times more effective than petrochemical or plant-based surfactants.

Environmental benefit

No discharge of polluting products into the water or air. Eco-designed products, 100% recyclable packaging. ECOCERT or ECOLABEL labeled products.

Health benefits

The health of the users is preserved. More comfort of use: no irritating fumes, no special equipment required (gloves, masks, etc.),
pleasant and persistent fragrances.

Financial profit

ECOWAY® products are concentrated = less water and energy consumption. The absence of risk labelling generates savings on transport, storage and handling costs.