What we are, what we believe in, what we want and what we aim for.

HTS BIO Laboratories are women and men of conviction united around these three pillars.
Our vision, our mission, our values:
the soul of HTS BIO Laboratories.


Contribute to the construction of a more
"ecologically correct" world by developing
products and solutions derived from biotechnology.


Our ambition is to become a major and essential player in biotechnologies applied to the environment by providing the best products and services, and by continuous innovation.


Our values are our fuel. The basis of all our actions, they can be summed up by this evocative acronym of a modern global epic: EPICAS, the HTS BIO Laboratories epic.

E for Excellence

Because only the search for excellence accompanied by regular questioning makes us better and always more efficient. To achieve this, the commitment of our teams is total.

P for "planet attitude"

Because we work to offer a cleaner and more welcoming world to Humanity and to the living as a whole.

I for Integrity

Integrity at HTS BIO Laboratories means committing to being consistent and transparent at all times in all of our actions.

C like "Client focus"

Client Focus means placing our partners at the heart of our concerns, constantly considering their current and future needs in our choices and our actions.

A for Audacity

Audacity at HTS BIO is a state of mind that drives us to consider innovative and disruptive solutions that challenge the status quo and upset generally accepted positions.

S for Solidarity

Because it is a benevolent state of mind, inviting mutual aid, sharing and unity for collective success.