Our expertise

That of the living

Our expertise gives us the means to contribute
to the construction of a more "ecologically correct" world.

It comprises four phases in close collaboration with living organisms and numerous
world-renowned research centres.

The research

A fundamental step.
Observe to understand and search tirelessly.

Objective: to unearth the "micro-organic pearls" which will constitute the innovative products and solutions of tomorrow.
The resources we invest in research are enormous.

The selection

Identification and selection of the most effective
microorganisms according to the applications.

This requires us to work with the best: they are in our teams...


Our bank of micro-organisms is extraordinarily rich.

Our “vault” contains exceptional unique strains.
We draw inspiration and components from it for the development
and production of our products and solutions.

The production

Production on an industrial scale of ultra-powerful micro-organisms and biosurfactants
as part of a draconian quality approach using in particular
PCR (polymerase chain reaction: polymerase chain reaction).