Surface probiotics,
how does it work?

Probioway protects
surfaces from the development of
of pathogens

The microorganisms in your probiotic cleaner enable biocontrol of surfaces. By occupying the entire space, the selected microorganisms control surface contamination.

The immunocleaners combine an environmentally friendly, high-performance formula à harmless, naturally occurring probiotic bacteria in the environment.

Active ingredients

The active ingredients in your PROBIOWAY probiotics are biotechnology-based.
These are:

1.The ultra-powerful biosurfactants provide deep cleaning.

2. The microorganisms probiotics that work on 3 levels for several days after application.


The 3 actions of micro-organisms

1. Protect surfaces from contamination by pathogènes.

2. Contribute to cleaning by feeding on organic matter present on the surface.

3. Fight against malodors.

The triple field of action
of immunocleaners

Your PROBIOWAY surface probiotics act simultaneously on 3 levels:

Hygiène: They effectively clean.
Security: They protect surfaces from the growth of pathogenic bacteria.
Comfort: they fight bad odors.

PROBIOWAY's active ingredients are derived from biotechnology: biosurfactants and selected microorganisms.

Scientific guarantee

Probiotic surface immunocleaners have been developed in partnership with the CNRS and INSERM. They protect PVC or faïence type surfaces from contamination by pathogens. Their effectiveness in cleaning has been validated by comparative tests against a target product (IKW standardized methods and internal methods).